It's here!

I am so excited to announce this next phase of Green Bites Project.

A benefit program.

So, Green Bites Project is a benefit corporation, meaning serving social good of financial literacy. Meaning, working with people that really wanted to work with a financial coach but could not afford one has always been a huge priority of mine.

This benefit program will randomly select 2 people per month and provide a free opportunity to get into the financial coaching to transform finances. This program is intended for people living paycheck-to-paycheck, behind on current bills, and feel super stuck with finances.

The program kicked off November 2019 and two new people are selected each month.

financial transformation

changing your finances is possible

some of the neatest opportunities have come from seeing women + families get out of paycheck-to-paycheck and start building their financial future. it is possible for you!

Am I good fit for financial coaching?

You are ready for transformation with your finances. You are willing to put in the work to make it happen. It's not going to be easy, but it is so worth it to get your finances to a place that allows you to get ahead.

financial coaching is awesome for transformation, accountability, learning new financial habits, getting a solid plan for your future


Who it’s for:
This completely free, no strings attached program is intended to provide financial coaching to those that are living paycheck-to-paycheck and feel that *now* is their time to get seriously committed to getting ahead financially. You are ready for a financial transformation and willing to work for it!

What’s included:
You will enter in the same process as the paid financial coaching clients of Green Bites Project. First, you complete a few worksheets. We will meet up to two Zoom video or phone call sessions per month, including any text or email support you may need along the way. You will be supported!

We create a customized plan for your life, finances, and goals. All of your information is confidential.

How much does it cost?
Free. Zilch. Nada. Just ask that you are willing and ready to make a change. It is requested that in lieu of the financial coaching you receive you volunteer or donate your time to show your appreciation for the financial coaching you receive. Additional terms are listed on the application form.

What does living paycheck-to-paycheck mean? How do I know if I am “financially” right for this program?
This is a difficult subject. I can’t answer this for you. In my experience of working with people that have pretty bare bones budgets but expenses exceed income. It is difficult to keep on top of basic “4 walls” (rent/mortgage, utilities, etc).

How Does it work anyway?

1. Apply

Complete the quick and simple application form to save your spot in the random drawing each month.

Once you apply, your name will stay in the database (though you unsubscribe at any time with a click of a button via email!), so you don’t need to worry about re-entering your info every month. Easy for you!

2. New clients selected

Around the last business day of the month, two people from the list will be randomly selected and notified.

Note that up to 3 additional names will be randomly drawn as well, in case the first two names chosen cannot start financial coaching for any reason (you know, life happens!). I hope you understand that it gets way too complicated and messy to “hold” spots but you will stay in the drawing if you cannot start financial coaching if you are selected. No worries!

3. Coaching begins

Upon notification and acceptance of of the financial coaching, we get to work!

You will receive a workbook to complete on your estimated budget, list of debts (if applicable), and your dreams and goals.

Next, we will meet via phone or Zoom video to create a customized plan for your finances to get you ahead.

Read more about the specific terms on the application page. But no surprises or gotchas. Nothing to buy. It is the goal to get you ahead financially as a part of fulfilling the “benefit” mission of Green Bites Project ;0)

Read the 2019 Benefit Program Annual Report Here

Download the 2019 Annual Report here.