One-Time Session

Ideal for clients interested in a "check up" session or to get some guidance on a specific topic. Perhaps you are looking for a review to ensure you are on the right track or want recommendations on how to tweak your finances further. There is always an opportunity to upgrade to the "Habit Builder" package if you desire. This is also great option if you want to dip your toe before committing to the habit builder.


Habit Builder

Looking for some long-term guidance on getting your finances in order? Want to work someone over months to learn healthy, positive lifelong financial habits? Feel like a one-time meeting is not sufficient for you? This service package is for you then! I call it the habit builder because we work together to build healthy financial habits for you to get out of debt and build wealth. This is the most popular option.

$549 for 6 months
super flexible monthly payments available

Want to get started or just learn more?


What does the “Habit Builder” include?

  • Up to two Zoom or phone call meetings a month (approx 1 hour in length each)
  • Ongoing assistance via email and/or text as situations & questions arise
  • Customized spreadsheets & analysis created for you, down to the paycheck level, based on your current expenses and expected spending so you have a clear path for your debt "snowball" each month, as well as ideas for recommended "sinking funds"
  • Ongoing accountability and advice on your situation so you can finally learn habits to get on the path to being debt free
  • We work through your particular obstacles and difficult spots to get you on a path to financial freedom

What kind of results can I expect?

Everyone has a different situation, so I can’t predict what kind of results you will get. What I will say is that usually all of my clients have some kind of “crisis” (home repair, tax bill, can’t make their minimum payments, general chaos with their day-to-day bills) that we need to fix first. From there, most clients get on a path of following the Dave Ramsey steps, start filling sinking funds, and start their debt snowball journey.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are coming but in the meantime, check out my Instagram @greenbitesproject to get more up-to-date info and sometimes I share case studies and daily client success stories.