Your Money Growth Persona is a ...

white willow tree

You’ve got a strong foundation, but your branches could be prone to breakage! 

The Redwood tree is one of the oldest trees in America – and just like this mystical tree, you’ve got deep, healthy, unshakable roots in your financial life.

Just take a second and give yourself a pat on the back, because you. Are. Awesome.

You’ve got it together when it comes to financial planning, and you know how to stick to your goals. Sure, you may cave here and there, but you are living in a state of financial wellness, and that’s something to be proud of.

Although you’ve got it all figured out, people close to you – whether that’s your best friend who’s always struggling to pay rent, or your brother-in-law who keeps buying expensive tech he can’t afford – are less than stellar with their money.

My advice? Send this quiz to your friends and family who need it more than you, and then go on and continue being awesome!

Here’s the deal: you already have the knowledge it takes, and all you need to solidify those branches is some perspective.

My advice? Send this quiz to your friends and family who need it more than you, and then go on and continue being awesome!


your path to financial wellness

First things first – let’s look into your priorities, shall we?

Take a quick look at the way you have been spending your money in the past year. 

Apart from the essentials, like food, shelter, and utilities, where does your money go?

Once you have a good picture of your financial year at a glance, take a piece of paper and think really hard – what are your priorities in the next year? What about the next three years? Five? Ten? Twenty-five?

What’s most important to you, deep down? (That’s one thing I can’t answer for ya!)
Do you have it? Great. So, are your priorities aligned with the way you are spending your money?

If not, why is that? Looking into this reason is your first step into discovering why you’re not sticking to your financial goals.

Because when you understand what is driving your spending, you empower yourself to take back that power – and flourish into the financially well person you want to be.

about me

Hey, I’m Darcie – and I may or may not be jumping up and down in my office about the fact that you’re here!

Helping creative women go from ‘Gaaah I’m drowning’ to ‘I can’t believe I can finally afford this’ and achieving financial wellness is what makes me tick.

I show you how to eradicate debt and build a cozy cash cushion without feeling deprived – and while preparing for the unknown that’s ahead.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I just can’t wait to support you in saying “bye, see ya never” to stress-induced sleepless nights and “oh hello handsome” to a healthy financial diet that makes you happy.

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