Your Money Growth Persona is...

bird's nest fern

You’re pretty great, you know that?

Despite tough times, you’re still around and kicking. Just like a bird’s nest fern, you’ve managed to grow even in not-so-great conditions (like a deep dark cave away from sunlight).

You’ve worked hard to stay afloat, and sure, some days might feel a little more overwhelming than others.

And let me guess – every time you feel like you’re getting ahead in paying off your debt, something big happens and sets you right back where you started (and triggers those sleepless nights you hate that make you even more stressed out).

Here’s the deal: you’re a hard worker, and with the right tools in hand, you can definitely dig yourself out of this cave.

In fact, I think you’re ready to take the first step to inch yourself closer to a debt-free, financially-healthy life.

You’re not alone – and you don’t have to stay stuck, either.

your path to financial wellness

First things first – we’ve gotta turn this ship around and hit the debt freeze.

From what I’ve learned from my past clients, too many people try to eradicate their debt all at once without first taking care of their main issue – their day-to-day spending.

So before you attempt to pay off another dollar, sit down and take a look at your spending. Where does your money go? Are your essentials (food, shelter, etc) taken care of first before your debts?

Make sure your budget is set up and stable first before planning how you’ll start breaking down your debt.

Be realistic here – your goal is to stop accumulating more debt, not to stop living your life. Financial wellness isn’t just about spending less and paying off debt – it’s about making decisions that align with your priorities.

about me

Hey, I’m Darcie – and I may or may not be jumping up and down in my office about the fact that you’re here!

Helping creative women go from ‘Gaaah I’m drowning’ to ‘I can’t believe I can finally afford this’ and achieving financial wellness is what makes me tick.

I show you how to eradicate debt and build a cozy cash cushion without feeling deprived – and while preparing for the unknown that’s ahead.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I just can’t wait to support you in saying “bye, see ya never” to stress-induced sleepless nights and “oh hello handsome” to a healthy financial diet that makes you happy.

Keep an eye out for an email about how to take the next steps to achieve financial wellness and crush that debt!

Sending ALL the best for your financial wellness!