Darcie Milfeld of Green Bites Project is a financial wellness coach for women who are looking to transform their relationship with money. She is a former SVP at Bank of America and holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Her 20s were riddled with many financial mistakes, and through working on her financial habits, Darcie and her husband hit financial independence in their 30s through investing in boring index funds and buying a house in cash. Because of those financial habits, they both left corporate life for good in pursuit of careers they love.

Darcie’s clients went from years of feeling like they could not get ahead with money to now feeling in control of their money. They now see those debt balances going down, cash cushions growing, and their own financial independence paths laid out. Her clients have paid off + saved close to $300k in 2019… but most importantly, her clients feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders as they transform their finances.

When Darcie is not busy crunching numbers, she loves to get lost in live music on Youtube, collect Fiestaware, and follow Instagram design feeds. You can usually find her loving every minute of her homebody life with her husband and kids.