hello, financial wellness!

in 90 days

without the overwhelm or feeling like you gotta give up your life to be "good with money"


Grow Financially Well is a one-of-a kind program

that teaches you the step-by-step tools on how to quickly transform your financial habits

for good, even if you feel like you’ve tried every trick in the book.

if you're ready to transform your finances, here's how grow financially well will get you there:


breakdown so getting control of your finances feels approachable.

Find a workable budget system

You need a system that works for you + your life

Feel prepared

Planners unite - anticipate and foresee all those pesky expenses. You're ready!

Breathing room

Imagine the feeling of space to breath in your budget.

Join today for the financial transformation:

pay monthly

4 payments of $87 each


pay in full

$347 one-time payment

is perfect for you if:

  • are excited to finally tackle your finances
  • want a plan for your money
  • are sick of feeling stuck, feeling stressed, and overwhelmed about money
  • know that you could more effectively get out of debt and want to maximize your income
  • are ready to give up the work-pay bills-repeat cycle with little to show for it
  • want to get more comfortable with thinking about your financial independence plan
  • want to feel more in control of your money
  • you have been trying to DIY your finances without the results you would like
  • have about an hour a week to dedicate to your finances
pay monthly

4 payments of $87 each


pay in full

$347 one-time payment

Finances are tough. You may feel like you have tried everything to get ahead.

My clients went from decades of feeling stuck financially to completely changing their finances using the techniques I will be sharing in Grow Financially Well.

The step-by-step instruction will give you the tools + community to totally change your finances without the overwhelm.

You’ve got 30 days to decide to try out this program and implement the info from the modules, connect with the community, and get your questions answered via live community meetings.

In those 30 days, you have received the first three modules (almost half the content!) to implement, see your wins, save money, feel better about your money, and apply to your finances….if you’ve tried it and it’s not working, then email hello@greenbitesproject.com to get your investment refunded right away. 

You can check out the Grow Financially Well terms and conditions here!