hello, financial wellness!

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imagine finally feeling in control of your money and having a financial plan that works for your life

Look, there's a lot going on right now. Now more than ever, it is so key to make sure you are thriving financially...

… and finally feel more in control of your money and truly understand your finances.



You are your greatest asset, and you’ve done a fantastic job of making money, whether you are building your own business or climbing the corporate ladder.



You want the freedom to work because you want to, not because you have to.



You just need that tipping point that’s going to unlock your ability to keep more of what you’re making…. without feeling like you need to give up your life (it’s ok… dare I say the dreaded B-wordahem, budget).



Did you know that simply getting you out of debt and only investing those debt payments actually could easily make you your first million bucks?


Here's what you might not know...

You're closer to financial wellness than you think

get breathing room with your money
The work-pay bills-repeat cycle with nothing to show for it stops here. It's suffocating, isn't it? No more waiting until next payday or a client check to make ends meet. I'll show you how to plan to feel like you got that breathing room.
spend intentionally + feel in control
Let's figure out where your money is going, make sure you're putting dollars towards those things that matter to you and dropping what's not important, ok?
build a cozy cushion of savings
I think we can all agree that having some savings is everything. No better feeling than knowing that you're plumping up those savings each month to give you more space from all those unknowns out there. One less thing to worry about!
Get an easy plan for paying off debt
Imagine the weight off your shoulders every month as you finally see those balances going down. Finally!
Crush limiting beliefs about money
Your thoughts control your actions. Your money mindset is everything!
Financial wellness....
oh yes, you had me at hello!

but, if your story is anything like mine, getting to that happily ever after with your money is anything but.

5 reasons why

you haven’t achieved financial wellness yet

Dealing with money feels stressful and overwhelming.  First, I’m taking a deep breath with you. I get it. Money is one of the top sources of stress for so many people. In fact, 64% of people report money is a significant or very significant source of stress per the American Psychological Association. It affects your health and ability to manage other stressors in your life.  I know how hard it is to deal with money but I guarantee you my clients feel amazing after tackling their finances with me.  It’s like a sigh of relief. It’s possible for you too.
You’ve tried budgeting before but can’t seem to make it stick.

Get your hands up high if you have tried budgeting in the past, but it didn’t work. 🙋‍♀️ See my hand here? My clients also totally felt the same way too!

A recent US Bank study found that 59% of Americans don’t have a budget, yet 70% of Americans don’t have $1,000 in the bank. We all know that correlation does not equal causation, but having a better plan changes your finances.

Just because everyone says “budget” does not mean that it is intuitive. There is an art to creating a realistic, workable budget that fits your life. I can show you how!


Something always come up just when you get started on trying to get ahead.

Something is always coming up. Car repairs, the kids need money for school, a birthday dinner….life can be expensive, right? 

What if there was a way to better plan so you good feel more in control of your money? If you could anticipate these expenses in advance and have the cash. Imagine the weight off of your shoulders.

 You feel alone about your finances. My money story *maybe* once looked something like yours (hello, credit card debt I could never get rid of!). I also cashed out a retirement plan at age 26 and took on about $89k of student loan at its high point.  Here’s the awesome news…I changed my financial habits, rebuilt, invested, got out of debt. My husband and I hit financial independence in our 30s through our own savings. We left our corporate jobs. I work with my clients to set up their own plan that fits their life. I hope you know your feelings are normal and your situation is too. This is a safe place.

You don’t feel like numbers are your thing.

Let’s just say that you want to get the numbers, but they have never come as easy as you would like. My clients are creatives. They would tell you that they once felt overwhelmed by the numbers but know they kind of love them. Just sayin’ – it’s possible for you to love numbers, too! I promise.


and one more thing!

You feel like you should be along further than you are.

Good news! The best time to start is today. Not next month or year.

Hey, I'm Darcie,
and I work with women
who crave

financial wellness

With an MBA from a top 20 business school, a former corporate career as an SVP at Bank of America, and - with our own personal money - we hit financial independence in our 30s through investing in boring index funds and live totally debt-free (house and all).

Today, I work as a financial wellness coach for women just like you!

Imagine what

changing your finances

would feel like for your life.


Grow Financially Well is a one-of-a kind guided financial program

that teaches you the step-by-step tools on how to quickly transform your financial habits

for good, even if you feel like you’ve felt overwhelmed by money in the past.

What my Grow Financially Members say...

Alexei says….

“My finances felt confusing, frustrating, and disappointing. I felt I couldn’t get a handle on things no matter what I tried!”

“Learning how to work spending with a partner that has different financial beliefs and needs has made my house so peaceful! There are no longer fights about money and that is HUGE!!”

You're in good hands.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from working with creative women who previously felt stuck and overwhelmed with their finances and created a fool-proof method that helps you achieve the financial freedom you desire.

My clients and Grow Financially Well members are now paying off thousands of dollars of debt, building up their savings, feeling in control of their money by anticipating their bills, and have a plan for their money.

if you're ready to transform your finances, here's how grow financially well will get you there:


Easy, simple, guided process so that getting control of your finances feels approachable and fits into your life.

Find a workable budget system

Finding your perfect system that works for you + your life + your finances is a must. Consider this done for you!

Feel prepared

Planners unite - anticipate and foresee all those pesky expenses. You're ready! No more getting thrown off base by unexpected expenses.

Breathing room

Imagine the feeling of space to breathe in your budget. You have money at the end of your paycheck to finally make progress on your debt.

here's what we're gonna cover in this program:

Module 1

Get set - Goals, Mindset, intentionalality


here's what you'll learn

THE $64,000 DOLLAR QUESTION Workbook and guided lessons to help you tap into those big rocks of what you want out of your life.

FITTING MONEY INTO YOUR LIFE  Know that we have some life goals in mind for your life, let’s marry up your life goals so that your money goals can help you “finance” the life you want.

GET THE FUN BACK! In order to make your financial plan sustainable, we gotta make sure you are enjoying the journey along the way, so that’s exactly what we’ll do! This will be a fun exercise (haha, pun intended!).

DO YOUR MONEY BELIEFS HOLD YOU BACK? Do your current views on money hold you back? Exercises to tackle these beliefs and thoughts so that you’ll feel more centered on your bigger goal.

APPROACHING FINANCIAL WELLNESS Key factors that will make all the difference in the world for your financial wellness.

Module 2

a new way to tackle your money plan

here's what you'll learn

THE PERSPECTIVE YOU NEED FOR YOUR MONEY Let’s shift your view on why planning is so key so that you can change your finances for good.

THE BEST BUDGET OF YOUR LIFE It just wouldn’t be a finance program without a budget, but rest assured, we’re going to put together an easy step-by-step framework for approaching your finances and without the overwhelm!

FEEL MORE IN CONTROL Tracking your expenses has a bad rap, but all my clients love it. This lesson will walk you through finding your best system which will allow you to feel in control, like you have a plan!

NAVIGATING TOUGH SITUATIONS Too many expenses vs your income? How to tackle this and what approach I’ve used with my more challenging clients to get them ahead.

YOUR JUMP START PLAN FOR YOUR VERY NEXT PAYCHECK Swipe this custom approach that has easily gotten my paycheck-to-paycheck clients out of that work-pay bills-repeat process. 

Module 3

the secret to making your finances predictably boring

here's what you'll learn

A HOLISTIC BUDGET The foundation you need to kick your budgeting up a notch by adding those unpredictable expenses into your budget.

THE SECRET SAUCE ON MAKING YOUR FINANCES BORING AND PREDICTABLE You are gonna feel like a finance queen – unpredictable expenses are no longer stopping your financial journey. You are going to feel in control when irregular expenses come your way. This is the missing piece to your budget. This lesson is a game changer for other GFW’ers.

Tara said: “This has been a key player in helping to change our finances.”

Module 4


here's what you'll learn

FIGURE OUT THE TALLY If you have debt, time to review what you have and we’ll get all the details written down.

YOUR PLAN FOR GETTING OUT OF DEBT Put together a plan for you to get out of debt, save money on interest, and feel so good about seeing those balances go down.

CONQUERING THE INTEREST GAME Talking all about interest here. Truly understanding this alone it will save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

KEEP MORE OF YOUR INCOME – SAVE YOURSELF THE INTEREST Let’s focus on specific steps you can take to negotiate or refinance your existing student loans or credit cards so you can less in interest. This saves my clients thousands a year alone.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE COMMENTS FROM GFW’ERS: “Obsessed”, “I heard of the debt snowball but never knew how to do it”, “so fun!” 

“Probably was most excited about having a payoff plan and seeing that I could pay off debt in a few years and knowing I could probably make changes for it to happen earlier.”

Module 5

your emotions + money

here's what you'll learn

TACKLING OVERSPENDING Maybe your spending habits are a bit like those old diets….you know, you eat really well for a week or two and then you eat everything in sight. Been there? 🙋‍♀️ This lesson will tackle how to get out of that mindset and ways to ensure your actions align to intentions. These tips have totally worked for my clients to get out of this splurge/restrict mindset.

MOTIVATION FOR WHEN THINGS DON’T GO THE WAY YOU PLAN  Life is going to throw curve balls at you. Staying in the financial game for the long-haul is key for building wealth. This lesson will tackle tips to help you get ahead.

EMOTIONAL SPENDING Do you tend to spend when you feel stressed, happy, upset, bored, etc? This is so easy to do and I have been there. So have some of my clients! Let’s cover if spending is a crutch to other emotions you are having and how to channel these emotions elsewhere that don’t hamper your financial goals.

Module 6

building wealth

here's what you'll learn

INVESTING I’ll walk through easy ideas to help you get more familiar with investing so that you can feel more comfortable and build wealth for yourself. This is so key!

YOUR NET WORTH Step-by-step on putting together your net worth statement so that way you can monitor your progress and see how you are changing your finances. Let the celebrations begin!

YOUR FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE NUMBER One of the most fun lessons! Warning: the skills you will learn here are addictive (in a net-worth-building-kind-of-way!). You are easily going to get comfortable and feel in control of figuring out how to compound your money. The more you understand it, the more you can dream about “financing” the future you really want. Plus, you have a custom, flexible, easy tool to exactly how you’ll hit FI.

AUTOMATING YOUR WEALTH BUILDING Learn the easiest habits and peace of mind to employ in order to see those numbers in your accounts add up.

Module 7

best habits for your life

here's what you'll learn

LIFELONG HABITS Get tips on some best practice habits that will ensure you are continuously giving your finances some self-care.

REMEMBER YOUR “WHY” Handling those times when things don’t go as planned. Employ these strategies to ensure you are always coming back to your “why”.

LET’S POP THE KOMBUCHA (OR FRENCH 75)  You did it! You have a new perspective on your finances and are feeling the peace of mind of your new financial habits.

plus these bonuses!

YNAB™ Bonus Workshop                                             

It’s no secret that I love this budgeting tool. If you’ve tried it in the past, or are curious about it, you’ll get access to the step-by-step workshop that will have you up and running. It’s the process exactly how I helped so many women learn this software program. Plus, it’s an amazing perk on top of mindset, budgeting, and sinking funds that you’re gonna learn through the other modules.


I’m here for you. 🙌  If you have questions along the way, drop them the program platform, send me a email, DM, You’ll be taken care of. If you would like 1:1 time, I have some limited spots

Weekly Live Group Zoom Meetings                              

Grow Financially Well has a live component 3x per year (Winter, Spring, and Fall). As long as GFW is in live session, you’ll always be able to join us (that’s about 33 live calls per year) totally for FREE. You’ll find other women likely with the same questions you might have, community, and a place to get your questions answered.

here's what my 1:1 clients say

Working with Darcie was truly a life changing experience. Before we met with Darcie, we would cling to our finances and feel a lot of unnecessary stress about how to spend and how to save our money. While working with Darcie, we were able to establish a game plan on eliminating debt efficiently, saving for larger annual expenses without feeling guilty, and budgeting our day-to-day expenses in a way that truly allowed us to feel freedom in our (responsible) spending. I truly loved that Darcie never made me feel like I should’ve already known the answer to the questions I would ask. There was no judgement, only encouragement and enthusiasm in bettering our financial future.”

It took the intimidation out of finances and budgeting. I thought I knew what I was doing before, but I really had no clue & I was afraid to find out it might be worse than I thought. This program helped hold my hand and baby step me into a much more solid and empowered place to manage my finances, make a budget and also figure out how to get my freedom back.”

“I started automatically saving more money, started sinking funds- (which I love the most and forgot to mention!), and learned how to use the snowball payoff strategy!”

Your Money Back Guarantee!

Look, no doubt that finances are part art and science. You may feel like you have tried everything to get ahead.

Well, you found your home. This is your time to end “trying everything”. We’re done with that. 

My clients went from decades of feeling stuck financially to completely changing their finances using the techniques I will be sharing in Grow Financially Well.

The step-by-step instruction will give you the tools + community to totally change your finances without the overwhelm.

You’ve got 30 days to decide to try out this program and implement the info from the modules, connect with the community, and get your questions answered via live community meetings.

In those 30 days, you have received the first three modules (almost half the content!) to implement, see your wins, save money, feel better about your money, and apply to your finances….if you’ve tried it and it’s not working, then email hello@greenbitesproject.com to get your investment refunded right away.

Of the 130 women that enrolled in Grow Financially Well during the Spring Experience of Grow Financially Well, there was only 1 request for refund based on her financial situation.

You can check out the Grow Financially Well terms and conditions here!

But if you enroll today, 

you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

Get started today!
$ 97 for 4 months
  • Access to GFW

Pay Monthly

Get started today!
$ 347 one payment
  • Access to GFW

Have questions?

Absolutely! Everyone’s finances are so different for a variety of reasons – income, irregular pay, types of bills, etc. From all of my 1:1 work, I’ve seen major themes that fit virtually every single client of mine.  These are the exact themes that are embedded in Grow Financially Well. With the lessons, I have also addressed specific challenges. Don’t forget, you have a chance to bring your specific questions for me to answer live. You will be supported through the community and me to work through your financial situation. In fact, I am decreasing my 1:1 work to make myself even more available to the Grow Financially Well members.

You could totally figure this out! I believe in you! But, if you are anything like me, accountability and having a clear plan on knowing exactly what to do will make this so much easier. Plus, how much money are you losing out on by not having a plan for all that cash you work so hard for? What does waiting a few more years mean for your lifetime nest egg?

Oh, I have been there for sure (hello, credit card debt I could never get rid of!). Here’s what has made all the difference for me and my clients is having accountability, an easy process for getting organized, and seeing the wins through the changing financial habits.

If you sign up today, you will get access to the course content immediately. Each week, you will receive new material to implement. Finances can be overwhelming, so the content will be dripped out each week — no such thing as getting behind because you will always have access to the content.

You’ll get access to guided content to teach you everything you need to know about budgeting, building sinking funds, building a financial independence number, mindset, emotional spending, and how to get your debt paid off. So many of my Grow Financially Well members commented how they finally understood + truly got budgeting, paying off debt, and building savings up. Plus, a workshop on YNAB is included to get you up and running! “Obsessed” is the frequent word my GFW’ers tell me about the content. You’re gonna love it!

is perfect for you if:

If you said “YES!” to at least three of these, then you will be a perfect fit for Grow Financially Well.

Can’t wait to see you inside the program!

Pay Monthly

Get started today!
$ 97 for 4 months
  • Access to Grow Financially Well

Pay Monthly

Get started today!
$ 347 one payment
  • Access to Grow Financially Well

Can’t wait for your finances to completely transform!