Let's uplevel your finances...

Break the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

Really know your numbers.

Feel confident and in control with your hard-earned money.

Fear your money no more.

Pay off debt. Finally. Leave it behind.

Get cozy with your cash cushion growing.

Feel prepared for whatever life throws your way. Cash for vacation, anyone?

Get these foundations right so you can put your attention to the good stuff of financial independence and build wealth.

And when you get this right (you will with my help!), it will change your life. #sorrynotsorry

Let's work together

Why does money seem easy but is actually hard to get right?!?

I'm gonna lay out my cards on the table and let you know how much I used to struggle with my finances.

I felt alone, stressed, and was kind of fearful of anyone knowing my secret.

Maybe you don't feel like I do, but I sure meet lots of women who feel like how I once did.

Budgeting basically never work? Been there.

Debt that you wish was gone yesterday? Why is it so easy to get into debt but hard to get out?

Wish you had more savings? Double yes!

Feeling a bit panicky about how you should have been investing since like before 16? 🤯

Here's what I've learned by working with women on their finances....you can totally have financial wellness today.

Meaning, you build in awesome habits, make serious progress on your biggest financial goals, but you feel good about your money because you've got a rock solid plan.

Yeah, it's possible. I do it every day with women that are maybe just like you.

A solid financial foundation is a must for financial wellness and wealth building!

Take it from me - we hit financial independence in our 30s after I made ALL.THE.MISTAKES financially - it is critical to nail these financial foundations first (pinky swear it doesn't take long) so you can spend the rest of your life focusing on growing your net worth. It's worth doing this step right. Trust me.

I want to get started!

There are two ways that we can work together on nailing your financial wellness foundation:

1:1 Coaching!

Let's meet 1:1 on Zoom and we'll chat about all things related to your finances. 

I know it seems weird, but we'll become fast friends trying to figure out your finances, concerns, and find a sustainable plan that works for your life.

We dig into all the numbers. You get a plan and learn how to manage your money in a financially healthy way that serves you.

We generally meet twice a month for about an hour each time.

Money-back guarantee if you don't love it! Yes, really!

Due to time constraints, I only take a couple 1:1 clients at a time.

Pricing is $397/month. 4-month commitment.                                   

Before we do this, let's chat to make sure I'm a good fit for you! Click below to book a quick 15-min chat 👇


Let's chat for 15 min!

Check out Grow Financially Well®!

This is an on-demand program to walk you through the exact same process that I use with my 1:1 clients.

It's perfect if you want to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle or just want to ensure you've got the financial foundations down so you can get focused on wealth building + investing.

The Grow Financially Well® framework is all about mindset, finding an awesome budget to support you, planning, introduction to financial independence, and so much more!

Inside this program, you'll get on-demand content that will show you my process step-by-step PLUS accountability check-in's and meetings to help you with support.

More than 360+ women have joined this program and with a money-back guarantee, you'll totally love it too!

Our 5th live experience will be opening late January 2022.

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