Financial independence is the coolest financial goal!

Hard stop.

This is kind of like the final financial destination.

I discovered financial independence in November 2013 and quickly became obsessed with learning all the facets of tax, investing, strategies to withdraw money, and to game the traditional system that says you gotta work til your age 65. Knowing that we were stressed and not fulfilled by corporate jobs, pursuing FI became our top financial goal.

I developed spreadsheets and learned the do's and don't first hand of FI. We hit FI in our late 30s and said goodbye to corporate life for good.

Scroll down and see if I can help you get on your own FI journey.

What is financial independence?

TL;DR Your assets pay for your living expenses. You don't need to work. Ever. again. 

Unless, it's something that you love. ;0) By all means, then!

But live life on your terms, not someone else's.

Let's work together

There are two ways that we can work together on planning out your FI Journey:

Custom FI Journey Mapping!

Let's meet 1:1 on Zoom and we'll chat about your FI goals, projections, and strategies for your FI journey.

This is very much a working session to get you a FI plan. I do all the heavy lifting but you'll leave our time together with a FI plan that feels workable and within your goals.

I teach you how to build this out so you forevermore know what levers to push to get your FI Journey....done!

Your custom mapping includes 2 sessions 1 to plan everything out and the 2nd session is a follow-up/Q&A. Cost is $497.

Limited monthly availability.

Before we do this, let's chat to make sure I'm a good fit for you! Click below to book a quick 15-min chat 👇

Let's chat for 15 min!

Join the FI Edition!

Want to learn the what, how, and all the mechanics behind FI? Or prefer the self-paced nature learning on your own?

Join us in FI Edition, which is a structured program to learn about the market, how to evaluate funds, tax strategy with a CPA, and so 🙌 many 🙌 other FI topics to cover.

Includes done-for-you spreadsheets and practical ways to really get familiar with what you need to know to hit FI on your terms.

Past Grow Financially Well® and 1:1 clients get a discount.

Also, we will be hosting free quarterly meetings to chat about different FI topics as they come up.



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