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case study: Client B

Client Profile: Newlyweds, homeowners, love to travel

When these clients first came to me, she was really stressed about the management of their money. I proposed some budget process changes that helped them save for vacations, car repairs, and vet bills. They also moved some bill due dates around to better align with their variable paychecks. Because of the changes + being intentional with their money here’s what they accomplished so far:

Case study: client a

Client Profile: Single woman saving in the city

I love working with all of my clients, but what is unique + fun about this client is that she is already debt free except her home. She has longer range goals (e.g. no "quick wins") for paying off her home + building her savings. Her plan looks like this:

case study: Client S

Client Profile: Homeowners + kids in an expensive city

Housing can take up a significant portion of your income in a more expensive city. When I first met this client, they were scraping together their minimum payments on a day-to-day basis. It was very stressful to say the least. Here’s what we did:

Case study: client C

Client Profile: Renting couple going back to school

Every single client is so different. This client's story is especially dear to me because they had a few hiccups via surprise expenses that popped up that initially detoured their motivation. But, they kept going! They recommitted. What I think is most remarkable is that their debt kept her from feeling like she could pursue a master's degree. She is now enrolled beginning June 2019!

Who financial coaching is for:
Financial coaching is an awesome experience if you feel like you just can’t make the progress you would like on your own. Mastering your finances is one of those things that actually pays for itself.

After all, my clients typically pay hundreds a month in interest to their creditors. What would it be worth to you to be on an awesome path to financial freedom? What would it mean for your marriage? For your stress? For your family?

My clients have paid off or saved over $150,000 in 2019 following principles from the Dave Ramsey organization (I am a Ramsey Preferred Coach).

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