take this step before paying off debt

Don't forget about this critical step before trying to tackle debt

We are so ready to get rid of that debt, but I highly recommend you tackle this one critical step before you pay off debt. It will make a world of difference for your ability to maintain your focus on getting that debt out of your life.

create your tipping point in your finances - change your financial habits to create your own tipping point

Bring on the financial habits!

It took me four years - completely unintentionally - to hit that tipping point with my finances. During that four years, I built up small financial habits to have that breakthrough moment with my finances that forever altered how I dealt with my money. See if you can spend your own tipping point journey up.

#last90days challenge chose to give up coffee

The #last90days challenge

OK, I am giving up one of my most favorite things....coffee! For the last 90-ish days of 2019, I will be coffee free. Come read about it and see if you can join the challenge to cut out a habit that may not be fully serving you.


Reducing money stress

This article contains different tactics you can employ to relieve stress around money (aside, from the obvious one, you know, of getting out of debt or cutting expenses!).

meal planning and cutting your grocery bill

Meal Planning

Learn some tips that worked for my clients - and me - on meal planning. It is a matter of building habits over time  - just like anything else!