Hi! I am Darcie! My husband and I discovered Dave Ramsey’s program in 2010. I brought in about $80,000 of debt into our marriage from student loans and a car loan. Once we had that mindset shift of “let’s get this debt gone!”, we got out of baby step 2 in 11 months during the summer of 2011. From there, we continued to save and now on baby step 7.

Today, I see money as a tool to pursue your dreams. In fact, in 2017, my husband left his high-paying corporate job to pursue an entirely new career that he is passionate about because we saved for our financial freedom. Because we saved and prioritized our spending for years, he was able to take a 75% pay cut to pursue his dream. None of this would have possible if we had not gotten our money right all those years ago.

I can’t wait to help more families experience this in their own lives! I am so passionate about helping families achieve their financial goals and experience hope, relief, and peace with their money. It is my goal to help clients make lasting habitual changes.

Right now, I work with many different families in a one-on-one capacity through phone or Zoom video conferencing (don’t worry, you can do either), or if you are in Knoxville, I can meet with you in person. Each family has a different story, different income level, different dreams for their future, but yet they all have one thing in common: the desire for something better. We work together to come up an actionable, down-to-the-penny plan (it’s realistic too!), and figure out *how* they will get their debt paid off. Relief, feeling in control, hopeful, “feels good”, “feels freeing” seem to be some of the words my clients use.

If you are interested in learning more about my one-on-one coaching, especially if you feel like want to be making more traction on your financial freedom, then feel free to book a free 15 min consult for us to chat.