hey there!! you are such a goal getter, lady!

With your goal-getter skills, (nearly) everything you touch turns to magic ...

… but applying your magical tendencies to money just has um, not worked out.  If only you could get this final puzzle piece of your finances fixed ……..then you’d know you made it.

Do you have those thoughts of “am I doing enough” to be prepared for the future with your money?

Oh, you're in just the right spot, friend!

Pull up a seat with your favorite hot beverage (I have my matcha 🍵with me!).  

This is the part where I come in.

I’m not even gonna pretend to play it cool—I am ecstatic you are here!

Working on your finances is totally not easy but you finding your way to my little piece of internet real estate shows me that you want to work on this.

I’m Darcie,
and I work with creative women
who crave

financial wellness

in fact, wanna know how my clients categorize the money they spend on me?

They file it under “wellness” in their budget.
And that, that’s what I’m about.

I show you how to balance

building a

cozy cash cushion

while sprinkling in a little fun

for today without all the deprivation and fears

you might have when you hear "budget".

With an MBA from a top 20 graduate business school,

a former corporate career as a Senior Vice President at Bank of America, and—with our own personal money—my husband and I hit

financial independence in our 30s

 through investing in boring index funds and live totally debt free (house and all!). 

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