I'm Darcie and I help families actually meet their financial goals


You probably want to know if I am going to really, really help you. Or, if this is a waste of an effort.

Here’s what I would say: this is debt payoff journey, or even savings journey if that is what you are after, is not easy. I am here to help you see the way for you to tackle your goals. I analyze and pour over your financials, give you recommendations on ways to smooth your budget, we talk about concrete steps you can take. But it is not easy!

Here's a bit about my background:

On the financial side, I feel like I always had about $8,000 of credit card debt in my 20s. I graduated with $89,000 of graduate student loan debt and naturally I bought a brand new car to “celebrate” all that student loan debt. Haha! After marrying my husband and we bought our first home, I freaked out over all our debt and really intense about paying off our debt. It took about 11 months to be out of debt. From there, we saved and saved to eventually transition out of our corporate jobs. 

My corporate experience includes an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and am a former SVP of process design at a large, global bank. I am also trained through Ramsey Solutions Financial Master Coach training.

what you can expect


Why we are here, right? We create a realistic plan for your family based on your life. Life + emergencies will happen! We really focus on making sure you are seeing progress and build your net worth.


I am a bit of a math nerd with my Excel spreadsheets. We can go low- or high-tech as you like!


Trust and confidentiality are everything to me. You can expect your details are kept confidential. 


You can expect timely answers to your questions. We meet like clockwork to go over your budget and answer your questions. In between our meetings, we  will routinely text or email.

What I want for my clients

It is my goal for my clients to get on track to meet their unique, individual goals. I provide a clear pathway for them to get out of debt, save for their future, or even pursue financial independence.

  • We talk about your financial concerns, goals, and dreams
  • I help you build a concrete, detailed plan on how you tackle your family's goals
  • We meet bi-weekly and text/email in between to help keep your family on track
  • We are consistently refining your financial goals as "life" happens and really make sure we build healthy, lifelong habits

If you feel like you could be doing better with your finances, but not sure how, let me help!

How Can I help you?

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