Have you felt this way about your finances?

“I feel scared.”

“It feels like I am drowning.”

“We don’t have confidence in how we manage our money.”

“I can’t seem to figure out a budget.”

What if you felt like this instead towards your finances?

“Sense of relief.”



“It feels so good to make progress on our debt.”

“I finally have $1,000 saved for the first time in my life.”

Here's the process

Phase 1:
Information Gathering

1. Free consult via phone or video call (Skype, Zoom, etc)

2. You fill out a few worksheets about your finances, including your goals

Phase 2:
Where the Magic Happens

3. Personalized analysis and recommendations completed for you

4. We meet to discuss different paths for you following the principles of the Dave Ramsey baby step method 

5. Learn how to create a realistic budget for your lifestyle

6. Go live your life while working your realistic budget. Adjustments are made to your budget as “life happens”. I coach you through successes and challenges. Have a clear cut path for getting a “snowball” together for your debt or savings goals. The bulk of time and energy is spent here as you learn positive, healthy financial habits that you can use for the rest of your life