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What do you say we do things a bit different with your money? Let's get you an easy money plan, with a cozy cushion of savings, and if you’re feeling extra fancy … even finally see those debt balances going down, down, down. (Hallelujah!).

I'd love some help with my finances!

If you're feeling stuck with your finances, let's see how we can help you get ahead. Choose one of the options below for some guidance on best next steps for you.


If you're feeling stuck with your finances, let's see how we can help you get ahead.

Small Business Finances

You've got a business and clients paying you! Sometimes you feel like those business finances feel like feast or famine and you're not sure how to pay yourself more. Let's get your business profitable to help you hit your financial goals. 

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Financial Wellness Foundations

Need help with budgeting, getting out of debt, sticking to a budget, building your savings up, or maybe you feel a ton of dread with your finances and just need a fresh start? I definitely can work with you to figure out some good options!

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Financial Independence

You've got a great budget going, maybe you're going places with your debt payoff, and ready to go to the next level with your financial independence journey. At this point, you want to learn about FI and what you need to do to hurry your journey up!

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Fall in love with your finances!


Hi, I'm Darcie, and I help women and couples hit their financial goals in ways they've only dreamed about. They go from dread to suddenly finances "click", they feel prepared for what life throws at them, and they've got a solid, working financial plan.


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